Best Android Apps For Bloggers To Increase Efficiency

Welcome all to my blogger friends. I know we always look for a easy way to complete any vast or critical work. And now, how happy will you be if i say you can increase your efficiency in blogging using your android smartphone ? Yes it’s true. Here i will tell you best Android apps for bloggers. You can use these apps to increase your efficiency multi times. If you are using Android then these apps are going to help you much in blogging. Below there is list of best Android apps for bloggers.

1. WordPress android app

This is basic and most important app to be installed in your smartphone if you use WordPress for blogging. You can access to this anytime anywhere as it’s on your smartphone now. This will help you to manage your article record. You can write articles, save as draft or publish from your smartphone. It gives almost 60% features in its android app.

2. Blogger android app

If you are using for your blogging then this android app help you too much. Same as WordPress android app, you get access to edit, publish the blog posts and pages. Some other features as basic settings are also there. The great thing of using best android apps for bloggers is that, you can access to it for anywhere and anytime.

3. Google analytics

This is one of the most important tool, i recommend you to use. It will help you to keep all track record of your website. This will help you to monitor your traffic. You get every detail about a visitor as, how many time they are spending on your site, where the visitors are from etc.

4. Snapseed

Editing Feature image, post image and etc every blogger need a photo editor and what if you have a power photo editor in your hand from which you can edit your photo anywhere it will be amazing and so is snapseed. It is amazing and powerful professional photo editing services by Google with almost every option a photo editor require and it is recommend by every tech advisor and the most important part is that it is free.

5. SocialPilot

best android apps for bloggers

managing all your social account would be an hectic but from now it would be because SocialPilot manages all your social account in one place just under one click. SocialPilot is a platform where you can schedule your task for social media as publishing and sharing. You no need to open any app time to time. Once you schedule the task will be automated. You can use all your social platforms as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Instagram etc at one place and this my personal favorite best android apps for bloggers.

6. Google my business

Google business is a perfect application from which you can keep track of your business. You can check geographical regions, responds to review, message to your customers and you can have feedback from your customer about your business and service.

7. Google Adsense

best android apps for bloggers

If you are an blogger then you must know about adsense, it is an application which display ads on your website and give money in exchange for user engagement. Google adsense app is perfect app to check your ads performance on the go anywhere just in one click on your phone .It save your lot of time by having stats in your hands.

8. Grammarly keyboard

best android apps for bloggers

Content is the king, and to write perfect content you need an back hand which can help you in grammar or plagiarism but from now you don’t need. Grammarly app is the one of the best android apps for bloggers which helps you in grammar, word choice, spelling, plagiarism and punctuation so you don’t need any one to review it. You can write your perfect content on it anywhere from pc or phone without worrying about anything.

9. Evernote

best android apps for bloggers

Taking notes is important because inspiration and reminder can strike you anytime. Evernote is an cloud based software which can operate from anywhere in this from pc or smartphone. So when ever inspiration or reminder strike just open your smartphone and save it and then later when you reach home and open your pc you can check all your notes.

10. Google drive

best android apps for bloggers

Google Drive is a safe place where you can put your all files in a cloud storage and can also access them anytime and anywhere logging your google id using your smartphone, tab or laptop. cloud system has changed the storage industry in every aspect and google drive is one of the example you can save your photo video files from anywhere and access from where.

Above mentioned 10 apps are best android apps for bloggers. If you wanna know more about it comment below. I believe the time you are with us is precious. thank you.

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