Top 5 Best Blogging Platform 2019 [TESTED]

If you are blogger and searching from for the best blogging platform to promote your blog, then reading this article will make your day. This article is going to list top blogging platforms which will enlighten you about the pros and cons of each blogging website. Going through it, will help you choose the right one for your blog.

Why choose a blogging platform ?

best blogging platform

If you are new to blogging, then you must choose a platform that has low learning curve and user interface that can be easily handled by you. The platform would not require any coding skills and would make you comfortable. Choosing an easy platform, when you are new to blogging can open the gateway for learning.

As you grow as a blogger, you would want to make your website more appealing to the audience, then choosing a blogging platform which offers flexibility will be the ideal choice. In short a blogging platform lets you tell you tell your story to the audience by making it look more calm and presentable.


This blogging platform is of the most the used platform by the bloggers. The website started in 2003, and now powers more than 40 % of the total website available on the internet. People often confuse with but they are completely different. The latter is a blog hosting service while the former is blogging software. Some of the cons and of this platform can be summarized below.

1. Gives the user an easy control of the website.

2. A money making platform where you can add features like online store ,paid membership and forums.

3. The platform, is very user friendly and gives the access to the user to more than 54, 000 plugins.

1. The user needs learn few things before mastering the website.

2. You need to manage the backup in your own.


Wix blogging platform will help you to build websites. The platform is very easy to use and you can practically create a website with the help of drag and drop tools. Wix was created in 2006 where anybody could create their dream website without having the knowledge of coding. The platform now holds a record of 10 million customer.

1.Customization available on dozens of template.
2.Use of drag and drop tools.
3.Easy setup.

1.The free account comes with limitation as it shows wiz advertisement and branding.
2.E commerce feature are need to be purchased and used.

3. Gator

best blogging platform

This is not just a blogging platform but also a website builder. The platform is powered by hostgator. The platform can be used by beginners and pro users, and can handle ant types from any types of blogs like business, art and craft, home garden and so on. Thus if you are blogger, who is looking for all in one option, then this website is your perfect choice.

1.Quick and easy setup.
2.Use of drag and tools.
3.Backups are handled by gator.

1.No free account available, but there is option of 45 days and money back guarantee.
2.Paid plans gives you the availability of e commerce.
3.Limitation in application and extension.

4. is a platform, which offers blog hosting services for free. When you become a premium member you will have the ability to purchase additional storage, domain name and use premium services.

1.No hassle of setup.
2.Very easy to manage.
3.If you are happy with domain name of then it’s completely free.

1.Free account comes with advertisement and branding.
2.Paid plans involves monthly and yearly bill.

5. Blogger

best blogging platform

The free blogging website that is offered by google is known as blogger. The blogging is made for non tech users who have no knowledge of costing. This is one of the earliest blogging platform that was launched in 1999 by the developer known as Pyra labs. Later the rights were acquired by google and redesigned. All you need is a google account to start its services.

1.Free to use.
2.Anyone can manage it, since it does not require technical knowledge.
3.Developer is google, so it’s a secure platform automatically.

1.Does not receive updates.
2.Limitation on templates.
3.Cancelling projects without warning.

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