List of Best Micro Niche For Blogging 2020 [UPDATED]

Best Micro Niche For Blogging : A micro niche website is extremely specific about the content which focuses only on one topic.

For example, Java Programming.

The above is an example for a best micro niche for blogging which specifically focuses on a particular programming language which is Java. Micro Niche Sites must be highly optimized to rank for the few keywords they might have. You can say, within 5 pages, you might have 20 to 30 different main and secondary keywords. For example include people searching for “music app”, “best music apps”, “best music app android”, and so on. The first phrase can be your primary keyword while the other two can be secondary keywords. Just make sure you can rank in the first page for all of those. Definitely possible, but it confines your capabilities to get traffic.

1. Sewing

best micro niche for blogging

Sewing and knitting is a very popular topic among ladies. It’s has a visual content that fuels the creativity for other people. It’s no wonder that you can make money as a craft blogger. In the crochet role of the internet, one thing is certain – lots of people crochet, but not many are distributing new patterns and putting out the same old content. There is a very small group of bloggers out there who dominate the market.

2. Parenting Blog

best micro niche for blogging

Parenting is a money-making niche and one of the popular blogs and perfectly suitable for a new blogger to get into the field. Just think about it – there are entire stores devoted to newborn babies and children. There are hundreds and thousands of goods just for parents. This a niche that is also widespread – moms are everywhere in the world!

3. Home Decor

best micro niche for blogging

If you are zealous about art and craft then you should try this Niche for sure, this comes in the categories of craft and we can call it sub-niche. These days’ people are very thoughtful about their decor, especially females, as the internet is piercing to rural world, users are showing their interest in examining results related to decoration ideas, if you have imagination and passion, then you can be the next king of Home Decor blogger. You may help people find new ideas through which they can decorate their home with crafty matters and spread positive vibrations. Also, you can categories ideas according to Bedroom, kitchen, Home decor ideas for birthday, home decor ideas with left-over materials, ideas for the definite countries.

4. Personal Development

This is the only slot which is common to everyone and everywhere, near about all want to grow their character and looks developed. If you are interested in this area and has good knowledge of approach development then you can try in this position as well, this is the growing trade of today’s generation. Share your knowledge with people who are looking to upgrade themselves in terms of self- development. Even if you are a good talker and influencer, you can also try to make video clips for YouTube that will help you to reach a broader spectators and produce an extra source of income. The Rivalry is rising in this industry if you are looking to start then don’t wait and do it now, otherwise, you won’t be able to tackle your competitions. In my view, this is the Best micro niche for blogging.

5. Health

best micro niche for blogging

This Niche has become more popular and crowded than ever, as the people are increasing every single minute, more people are getting sick and a patient. If you want to start a Health blog then keep in mind, Google is very grave about the information you are sharing with your audience on a Health Niche Blog. You have to be reliable and clear on your endorsements and solutions. These days most Health related Blogs are deceiving people and trying to sell through their blogs using affiliate marketing. Don’t try to do the same thing. Provide precise information, knowledge which resolves their question for what they are probing. To start Micro Niche Blogs in Health Niche, you can write about, hair fall, skin sicknesses, Diabetes etc.

6. Politics News

This is the best industry if you are into politics, we all know how this industry works, how politicians fight among each other and make comment on other, and you can achieve profits, as people are searching more about latest movements about what’s going on in this industry. If you have a true interest and like to chat more about politics then there is no stopping you from achieving success, just show what you learn from news channels and newspapers and other types of media like social media. Try to make the news more interesting and appealing to general masses but don’t share fake news and be creative always, always remember, the more creative you are, the more traffic and attention you will get.

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