Best Online Games For PC 2020 [LATEST]

People are often confused on which games to play 2019, as there are so many options to choose from. Going through this article, will let you know about the best online games for pc, so that you don’t waste time in searching for the best ones. This list will include modern classic, thriving esports and single player hits that will enrich your gaming experience.

1. Apex legends

Apex legends is a beautiful game that gets the player hooked from all around the world. Two greatest highlight of this game are cosmetic microtransactions and free game play. Another striking feature of this game is communication. Meaning you can even get in touch with players who doesn’t use mics. Talking about the controls, it just feels like a breeze. Gun controls are fun and body movements like sliding down from the hill feels so realistic.

2. Rainbow six siege

This can regraded as the doppelganger of counter strike but lacks the charm of CS (counter strike). To be truthful, siege may not have the perfect hit detection like CS, but it makes up for it with the modern FPS. With the help of this modernisation, players are rewarded for coordinated teamwork and clever timing. The developer of this game known as Ubisoft keeps on providing bug fixes with regular updates, hence the gaming experience just gets phenomenal from day to day and will make it best online games for pc.

3. Overwatch

best online games for pc

This best online games for pc makes you enter a completely inclusive world of gaming. The characters in the game are brought and has special abilities that are never ever seen before. This is not a game that rewards you with most kills, but rewards you when you complete a mission with good teamwork. The play section has 37 heroes to choose from, so you will have the ability to choose your own character and play according to your convince.

4. Fortnight battle royal

best online games for pc

This a game which rewards player who has an eye for architecture and good aim. The game play is tough, so will take to time to adjust. Secondly you will have to manage with the inbuilt weapons available in the best online games for pc as Epic games are very irregular with the updates. Rest assured, the game play is impeccable and you will get addicted to it with few minutes of research.

5. Player unknown Battle grounds (PUBG)

best online games for pc

This is a game which has created sensation all around the world. 100 players are allowed to skydive and placed in a lonely island. The main task is to kill each other and survive. The islands in which the players are placed contain ammunition and other murderous items which helps the players for survival.

The reason why PUBG is slightly preferred more than fortnight, is the realistic game play and less arcade texture. The joy is to see, how players are forced in to one place, as the force filed faces shrinkage from time to time. Every second of the game is intense as it requires you own intelligence to survive, once you get distracted, you are either shot or killed.

6. Rocket league

The best combination of hockey and soccer. This game, lets you use high end battle cars to power a goal in the opponent’s pocket. Simply put, this game is all about speed and physics. Here you will have to smash a soccer goal with a help of a car which will have the ability to fly and jump. The matches are imitating and are a continues learning process.

During the first matches you are bound to loose since you wouldn’t know how to make a proper drive or steer across the walls. Repeated gaming makes you are pro in this best online games for pc and you will be satisfied the experience.

7. Hearthstone

This game is known for its classic gamely. Two of versions released as of now. One released in august 2018 and the other in December 30, 2018. Most of people have criticised the versions due to storyline but the game has some incredible graphics that no one can deny. If you are person who doesn’t like a time bounded game this one is for you. This one lets you hunt as long as you kill and play freely in the adventure section.

8. League of legends

best online games for pc

Reasons why this game is one of the most appreciated versions of epic games is due to the fact of its impeccable graphics and storyline. The game portrays a right depth of approachable and depth. The regular changes in map and characters are always fun to learn and encounter. Playing this best online games for pc with a team is far more fun than playing arcade.

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