Best Shared Hosting In India 2019 [TESTED]

Best Shared Hosting In India : Want to start a new blog or website ? Looking for best shared hosting in India ? Several times we face slow loading of our website. There may be a huge reason behind it but bad quality hosting having slow server impact this too much. Best hosting is that which provides us overall features in affordable price with good customer service. After going through research and testing several shared hosting from several companies, I am going to help you to buy the best shared hosting in India.

1. Hostinger India

best shared hosting in india

I believe hostinger as a India’s no. 1 hosting provider specialty in shared hosting in India. An excellent choice for those of us who are just starting out. You’ll enjoy server response times of 80 ms in India, and they are pretty damn fast all around the world too! Their crazy low introductory worth is just too sensible to resist. You will love using their services with quality features.

2. Siteground Singapore

It is also among top Hosting provider of India. Best all rounder with great value for money. Server response speed is insane at sixty eight ms pinged from city, and extremely very little latency once pinged from round the world. We feel that it’s the proper host for tiny to medium businesses in Asian nation.

3. A2 Hosting

best shared hosting in india

A2 Hosting is sort of on par with SiteGround, they need international well-optimized servers + nice support. While they don’t have the official WordPress recommendation, their performance with WP sites is pretty darn spectacular. They conjointly provide three hosting packages, their most cost-effective arrange starts at solely USD $3.92. Using their Singapore information center, A2 hosting worldwide average speed isn’t as quick as SiteGround however pings from urban center came at a lighting fast sixty eight ms. We also love their convenient features!

4. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion has been around for some time, and it shows. They focus on business level hosting package for optimum performance. They offer unlimited transfer, unlimited disk space, and up to 6 domains on the top selling plan! Their packages start at USD $5.99/month.

5. GoDaddy India

best shared hosting in india

GoDaddy hosting solutions square measure engineered for speed, dependability and security. From basic net hosting to blazing-fast dedicated servers, you'll find it all right here. Get the powerful hosting you wish at a worth you'll afford. Web (or Shared) Hosting is that the most budget-friendly form of hosting. GoDaddy internet hosting is powered with Shared Hosting technology. Most hosting companies used shared hosting for their basic web hosting services. Because most websites do not use several server resources, shared hosting lets our engineers place several websites on constant physical machine.

How To Choose The Perfect Hosting

Bluehost, bigrock these too are also among top shared hosting provider. They are known for their services and optimizing price. I have researched well before revealing my personal experience on the shared hosting.

When you are looking for best shared hosting in India you should go through the below point to choose the perfect hosting.


Speed impact much for your website which gives you a good conversion rate. Get a better hosting for your website so that it load faster.

Targeted audience

If your targeted audience are from India then its better if you buy hosting of India. It helps in speed of data transmission and finally to increase your website loading speed.


Go to the company who provide you the quality services and features in affordable and good price.

Customer service

Customer service is important to resolve your future quarries. A good customer support is authorized to be a good and genuine company.

Uptime guarantee

It is worst if your website goes down. It should provide 99.8% uptime guarantee.


Security is most important in case of data secure. If your hosting do not provide you security from malware and hacks then you are promoting to be hack of your website. Pick up the right hosting provider who has good record of malware, security an hacks.


It should always match how much you paid. Along this it should be updated with all the upcoming features to the market.

I wish i could help you to find the best shared hosting for your website. If have any query regarding shared hosting or above mentioned shared hosting you can comment below. We will get in touch with you soon.

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