Best Blogging Tips For Beginners 2020

Ranking on the first page of Google is getting more and more tuff as the time passing. Algorithms of the search engines changing day by day. So the strategies which would work on 2019 that may not be useful on 2020. Today here i am going to share best blogging tips for beginners, which will be beneficial on 2020. To rank your articles quickly on the first page of Google, you have to be updated with the the algorithms of Google and it's features. Here i have provided such blogging tips for beginners, which will really help your website to rank fast.

1. Make sure your website loads in less than 2s

blogging tips for beginners

Competition on 20120has increased multiple times. Now on these days if your website takes more than 2s to load then it may out rank your article. So if your article is taking more than 2s to load then focus on decreasing it's load time. You can go with quality Hosting and use optimized images for a fast loading website.

The best blogging tips for beginners will be Just because competition is too high so link building is most important in these days. Check out your relevant competitors and search for their no of external links i.e. backlinks. At first do more and more internal linking for every article. Next create backlinks for the article. You should create more no of backlinks than your competitor to rank on the 1st of Google. You can use Ahref tool to Analyze your competitor backlink.

3. Put 2-3 images on every article

blogging tips for beginners

Images on the article makes it more and more user friendly and increase its readable quality. Using one image on the article is past now. As you have always to chase your competitor so you must use more than one relevant images on each article. You should analysis your competitor that how many image they have used on their article. Also use optimized images on your webpage so that it keeps it light.

4. Choose low competitive keywords

If you are individual one and choosing High competitive keywords than it's highly difficult to rank on that keyword. Because each and every thing you have to do yourself which is quite tuff. So i advise blogging tips for beginners to choose low competitive keywords so that you can rank on that keyword easily. But keep in mind that with the search of low competition don't neglect it's search volume. So choose such a keyword which will have low competition competitively high traffic.

5. Use proper H1 & H2 tags

blogging tips for beginners

Tags are important as was in past and in present too. Using proper tags it increases its readability score. You can also place your keywords on the tags to optimize the page well.

6. Put your main focus keyword within 1st 100 word

According to research it's good to use your focus keyword within your 1st 100 word. Along with this repeat the main focus keyword 2-3 times in that whole article.

7. Write long article

blogging tips for beginners

To compete your competitors it's important to write long article than your competitor. Now a days a normal article on any topic should be at least of 1500 word or more and more as per competition. According to search engines algorithm if you are writing long articles then you are providing each and every detail about the topic, which is the motive of a search engine.

8. Be continuous

This is the very important blogging tips for beginners which impact your blog genuinity. You must be continuously uploading articles every after a particular time interval. This proves that you are actively providing each and every information to the public under your niche. This is the great reason why many bloggers are left blogging.

9. Share more and more

blogging tips for beginners

It's important for you to generate a quick lead on the article. Sharing articles can help you to generate instant traffic which help later to rank your article quickly. For sharing your articles, you can use social networks as Facebook, twitter etc. You should have every social platforms for your blog. And should have good public on every social platforms so that you can generate leads instantly.

10. Focus on quality

As there is a thousand of articles on the same topic so you have to be unique. Content quality is the number one way to be unique and this blogging tips for beginners is the first and last way which will help you to bet your competitors.


As because it is 2020 and there are thousands of blog on every niche so you have to be more productive with quality. Not only on some SEO tips but you have to focus on everything to rank your article on 2020.

Besides above mentioned 10 tips for beginners there are a lots of things on which you should focus. Come on the field, take experience and one day you will be the king of the field.

I hope above mentioned tips were helpful for you. If you think this was useful than share with your friends, for which it will be helpful. This way help us to rank so that we can share our value with you continuously.

Thank you

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