Best Content Marketing Tools 2020

If you are a content marketer, then you must know, how difficult it is to create an engaging content. Most of the content marketer these days are in the dire need of content marketing tools that would provide an upgrade to their content marketing skills. Thus this article, will list some tools that will save your time and stamina, as the content writing tool would automate the process.

1. Buzzsumo

This is best among content marketing tools, that would help you get enlightened about the latest trending topics. The software tool works like a magic, and shares all the trending topics that are viral on social media. Use this tool to make your audience know about the latest news around the world.

2. Serpstat

content marketing tools

A software tool that provides a complete SEO platform can be regarded as Serpstat. The software has inbuilt features like keyword research, SEO audit, computer analysis and rank tracking. The service will help you find high volume keywords and also provide a competitive advantage in the content marketing tools business.

One of the most highlighted feature of this software, is the ease of multitasking. You can do a lot of things in this software with help of few clicks. The user friendly platform is another reason, on why this software is so popular.

3. Social animal

Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Reedit are some of the social media platform that are immensely popular. These platforms have thousands of social media post that are shared on everyday basis. Some posts are worth noticing and some are too be ignored. This is the time when social animal comes into existence.

The software takes in account of all the social media platform and finds out the most viral posts for you. The inbuilt insight feature analysis, checks thousands of articles and then tells you which article is best for you. Once this information is available to you, as a content marketer you will able to decide the length, keyword and title of your post.

4. Mail chimp

content marketing tools

Most of the IT experts recommends this software as one of the best content marketing tools. Mail chimp works like a dream, as this software helps to attract traffic to your website and also promotes brand awareness. With the use of this software, you will be able to create a perfect email campaign, which in turn, will tell the audience about the important information present in your website. The information can be new product launch or important announcement regarding the product. Constant updates are shared in the customers email, so that they are always informed about what is happening in your website.

5. Get response

Most of the people consider this as a tool for email marketing. In reality, it is so much more than that. The response feature, available in this website will give a content marketer an overview, of whether the content is liked by the audience or not. With the help of response trigger actions based on the action of the recipient, a content marketer will get know insights of their content marketing skills.

6. Mix

This service works like a breeze. The software will help you to find important topics in a particular category. For example let’s say, you are content marketer who takes interest in fashion. So as you type the keyword fashion in the search bar of the software, you will get the list of all the topics, related to fashion industry.

7. Grammarly

content marketing tools

Busy content marketers, have lot of projects to complete in a day. Due to this, they don’t get time to proof read or check the grammar errors while writing it. This software checks the grammar for you and makes all the necessary correction of the grammar mistakes. Once the write-up is fee from all the punctuation, spelling and conjunction errors, the content automatically becomes impeccable and engaging.

8. Banneflow

content marketing tools

Having good writing is most integral part in content marketing, but that doesn’t make it flawless. The use of tables and infographics, makes the content pure love. With the help of this content marketing tools, you will able to greater your own banner according to your convince.

9. Cycle

content marketing tools

If you have a team, and have lot of people under you, then this software is a necessity. This software takes care of team management, finance, scheduling and email marketing. In addition, with the help of this software you will be able edit and monitor things effectively.

10. Buffer

This software helps to promote your content on different social media platforms. With the help of this software, you can set the time and date for your post and it will automatically be published on popular social media platforms like interest ,LinkedIn ,Facebook ,Instagram and Google +.

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