How To Increase Traffic On Website [EASY METHODS]

Having online business, the query about how to increase traffic on website ? is a common thing. For a good income you need a good audience first. Doesn't matter either you have an e-Commerce website or any niche specific blog. Driving traffic is important in all cases. If you don't get a good traffic on your website then Below provided easy methods for driving traffic will help you much. Here we will not only solve your searched query about how to increase traffic on website ? but also the factors which impact to your traffic and why it's important ?

So let's get started with the 1st question that, why more traffic is important ?

If you have an product selling Website (e-commerce website) or any service providing Website, in both the cases you need audience for your product or services to be sell. This is how the site owner earns profit by selling services or product of a product or service selling Website. In case of blog we use any third party advertisers for advertisement or by affiliate marketing. So here also we need good traffic to build to earn revenue through third party advertisers and affiliate programs. This is the reason why traffic is so necessary.

Factors which impact on traffic

  1. On page Optimization
  2. Off page Optimization
  3. Content quality
  4. Website loading time
  5. Customer reaction on the appeared search.

These are the major factors. All other factor comes under this. Below we will understand briefly how these impact on traffic of Website.

Some easy and practical methods of increasing Website speed

1. SEO

how to increase traffic on website

When we talk about SEO i.e. search engine optimization. A lot of things comes under it. To understand this vast topic we have divided this into two topic. On page SEO and off page SEO.

On page Optimization

Optimization of the webpage is known as on page SEO. I am pointing out below points which is important for on page Optimization.

  • Keyword friendly title and URL.
  • Wrap your title in H1 tag.
  • Decorate the headings under H1, H2, H3 tags and accordingly.
  • Make use of images.
  • link internally to similar articles.
  • Put optimized image.

Make it user friendly and think from the perspective of the search engine.

Off page Optimization

Creating Backlinks, comes under off page Optimization. According to this, Create a good no of referring domain to your article. Referring article should be similar to your article.

2. Create a unique content

how to increase traffic on website

If you have a blog on any niche and a thousands of people already working on it. So you have to be unique which creates your value. Here content is the king. If people are not willing to visit your already ranked article and they are visiting below appeared searches then your article is going to down by the most clicked article. A unique thing is always promoted by searching algorithm. So there should be quality in your contain to drive free traffic.

3. Server quality

Make sure you are using a good quality Server or hosting. The website should load in less than 2s. So if you use a good quality Hosting then you will never face such issue where as there's several other factors depends for speed of Website. If you have a large blog then i will recommend you to have cloud hosting else you can go with shared hosting.

4. Make your website a brand

A brand always stand for its own quality. Any product with a good brand name sales more than anything else. Like that try to create a brand to your website such like that your audience return to you only.

5. Make use of social media

We all know about the potential of social media. So it's good if you come on every social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram either on your own name or brand name. Share your product service or articles on social media and let people aware about you. You can be a social influencer. This is a great way to drive huge traffic to your website.

6. Paid advertisement or promotion

This is the way to drive traffic by paying. You can use Google, Facebook or any other platform for advertisement. You get a targeted audience from here. If you have any product then you can request any social influencer to tell about your product or service. This way by promoting your website, you can drive traffic.


These were some easy tips which you should follow to increase your website traffic. One more thing i would like to advise you that, If you have any product or service in your website then always create a blog on it. It helps much to aware people about your service or product and to drive traffic.

Thank you for your valuable time to have with us to discuss your quarry. I have putted down all my experience and knowledge to give you a valuable search oriented result. If yet have any doubt about above mentioned points then feel free to comment below. We will definitely resolve your query.

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