How To Increase Website Speed [EASY METHODS]

Are you tired with slow loading website issue? Do your website takes much time to load? If Yes then you are going worse and worse from the sight of Google. This may cause the out rank of your website. So your queer about, how to increase website speed ? is going to resolve here. Now in this year 2019 the competition has been doubled and so the Google looks your website as customer friendly when its load in less than 2s. So, I am here to help you, how to increase website speed ? easy and practical methods. But before that we will discuss on the points of importance of fast loading website and factors makes it slow.

Why fast loading of website is so important ?

Suppose you are crawling for any search, and the result appears on your screen. You clicked on 3rd result and it's taking much time to load. And you clicked on 4th result, which opens quickly. So you use 4th Google result for your search. This way 4th result may appear on 3rd position biting it after a certain period of time. This is why fast loading website is really very important.

Factors depends for slow down your website

how to increase website speed
  1. Server or Hosting from an ingenuine company.
  2. Having a huge unoptimized image on website.
  3. Code error.
  4. Not storing cache data.
  5. Redirect link.

These were most relevant reasons for slow down your website. Besides these, there may be a lots of reason for slow down your website.

Easy methods to increase your website speed

1. Buy Hosting from an authentic company

When you buy a Hosting from a authentic company provides a customer satisfaction. They provide you good and fast comprehensive server. Along with 24hr technical support they provides guarantee uptime, no breakdown or hosting error issues. You should choose Hosting plan according to your business. If you want to run a small blog, then shared hosting is ok. But if you have a large blog or any news blog then you must choose cloud hosting plans. Be sincere about choosing your hosting plan.

2. Optimize images

how to increase website speed

We all know having images on websites makes it more relevant and it helps in on-page-optimization too. But do you know, using more images or unoptimized image can slow down your site? So this is more important to optimize images. You can use online tools or Photoshop to optimize the image. Try to make your image as low as possible in size.

3. Check-out for code error

Error in code also slow down your website. PHP error impact much to slow down your site. You need clean coding of the website to make it more faster. If you are using WordPress then you get notified for the error code. And of you are not a WordPress user then check up your site with a master coder if you aren't.

4. Convert to https

how to increase website speed

Several time it has been noticed that a secure connection with https trust website loads faster than a http site. So all you need to do is convert your http site to https. If you want invest for secure link then you can buy it else you can change it to https by Hosting your site to CloudFlare for free of cost.

how to increase website speed

You may have been noticed that sites redirect to another domain of the same site or to a different site. This also impact to your website speed performance. So all you have to do that reduce the number of redirecting links as much as possible.

6. Use external hosting platforms for uploading large files

how to increase website speed

If you are uploading large files on your server on which your website is hosted then you will face slow down issue for your Website. Besides using your server for providing large file use a different server or CDN. For example if you have educational blog and you want to inbuilt teaching video content for your audience. Now if, you upload the video content on your website then, you are sure to face slow loading issue for your website. So the solution is that use a CDN ( Content Data Network ) for uploading the video and inbuilt that link into your website.

Follow the above instruction which will 90% increase your website loading. Besides these there may be some more factors which impact the speed of Website. Java, Css, php coding in a right way and inbuilt together of these programming language also necessary for a fast loading webpage.

I hope, above mentioned point was helpful for you. If have any doubt regarding mentioned point and slow loading issue of Website, never doubt to comment. We will give you reply as soon as we can.

Thank you.

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