How To Make Money From Quora 2019 [EASY METHODS]

Welcome guys to the most searched query, how to make money from quora ? Now a days with digital world the opportunities of online income is increasing and the competition is also increasing accordingly. We all are familiar with Facebook, Twitter etc. and also know to earn directly and indirectly from there. From the last few year Quora is been most popular social platform for our all quarries. As quora has a huge customer base so there is lots of way of making money from quora. I decided to put down all my experience i have to make money from quora. Which will totally solve your query about, how to make money from quora ?

What Is Quora ?

how to make money from quora

Basically it’s a social platform, where we question and answer. Question comes under a definite category and it’s response is given by the public of that category lover. Quora became most successful and valuable these days. And it’s loved by most blogger and social influencer.

Ways Of Making Money From Quora

1. Traffic transfer

This is the most famous way of making money from quora. Quora gives us opportunity to put your link on the post. This method is now used by bloggers to earn money. Bloggers generally earn through promoting their blog either with most famous Google Adsense or any other platform. The main aim of that is to drive traffic. People create a good profile on quora and work consistently responding their question and at last they provide their blog link so that the audience transfer to the blog. This way they earn by transferring traffic to blog.

2. Affiliate marketing

how to make money from quora

People put their affiliate links with the response of the question. They generally try to influence people about making purchase any goods. This is going to be more famous way of making money as more and more people are shopping through online platform.

3. Social influencing

how to make money from quora

Influencing people with your answer about taking your product or service. This method is also increasing on quora for making money. A social influencer has a huge demand in this digital industry. You have to be any niche specification. People must like you, You must know all marketing skills.

4. Sponsorship

how to make money from quora

As quora became a brand new social platforms so small brands have putted their eyes on quora. For this, brand generally look for a most following social influencer who has a positive image. They do advertise any brand product or service into their platform. You can also create such a profile for which you get approach for promotion of any brand.

Why Should you use Quora for your business in 2019 and upcoming year ?

It’s common to envision marketers victimization Quora to create their experience on totally different subjects that relate to their business. With Quora, marketers get access to two hundred million monthly guests, that may be a pretty excellent place to be once you’re talking regarding your business or activities that concern your business. There’s a possibility that your customers or target audience is using Quora, and they may also be using the platform to ask questions that are related to your brand or business. It’s an honest chance for you to answer any queries or to filter confusions regarding your business, brand, products, or services.

If you retain a watch out for your Quora presence and manage it timely, you’ll be ready to improve your on-line name, likewise as increase your authority and recognition. This will also increase your chances of being found by search engines. Maybe there’s additionally an opportunity for you to use Quora to answer some in-depth queries that your audience is confused regarding. Take this opportunity to provide detailed answers that satisfy their needs, by adding in visuals or links that you think will be helpful for them. There’s no denying that Quora has long potential for your business. In order for you to reap the maximum benefits, stay consistent in your interactions.


I wish i could help you by giving some valuable information about quora. These are practical methods. Earn a lot using doing your best by these method. If you have any query regarding this then comment below. Thanks for being with us.


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