How To Promote Your Blog [EASY METHODS]

Most of the content marketers, struggle with question, on how to promote their blog ? Well there are some easy tips to do that but most of the marketers are unaware of them. These tips are not time consuming and will take only 10 % of your day.

1. Create an email list

Most of the successful bloggers recommend that building a perfect email list can bring you successful traffic. This is one of the effective ways to promote your blog, as your audience will be constantly updated will all the cool stuffs that you are publishing in your website.

2. Use Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a great content marketing tool that creates an organized email marketing for your blog. Through its inbuilt features, it selects a perfect time to send mails to your audience. Research done through mailchimp shows that people usually view a particular blog during weekends and there slight increase in blog viewing in Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Furthermore, it also detected that the best time for blog emails is at 10am.

3. Use an email newsletter

how to promote your blog

Most of the bloggers publish their posts for 2-3 times in a week. In order to make it more interesting to your subscribers, make use of a flawless email newsletter. This would a great way how to promote your blog and share your content and this technique is totally worth your time.

4. Use social media

Create a Facebook page, Instagram post and a twitter handle. All these social media platforms, have huge number of users. So if you’re trying increase the number of visitors, using the free platform of social media can be great initiative. Whenever you publish a post on your website create a share in Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

5. Email signature

how to promote your blog

Whenever a people see an email signature, they automatically get attracted to your email. Email signature should contain your social media links and phone number. Use Wise stamp and create an attractive email signature.

6. Make use of up vote communities and aggregate sites

Up vote communities and aggregate sites is a place where you can share your views without any judgement. Here you can share the topic of interest and people who are interested in the topic will comment on it. The viewers rate your content as good or bad and in this way the community stays strong.

7. Answer blog posts in forums

how to promote your blog

Bloggers always share a common platform where they discuss them their problems. There are forums which are dedicated to solve problems only with the help of expert answers. Thus all you need to visit these forums and solve the problems of the rest of the bloggers. When you answer a question successfully, then the forum members will view your blog and this will automatically generate traffic. One such famous forum is known as Quora.

8. Connect with inner circle

how to promote your blog

Talk with bloggers who are already successful and has traffic rates. Provide them with a need on why they need share your blog. This will help you establish huge audience. Once you have created inner circle, the bloggers and the content marketers will automatically share your blog through link building and people will automatically view your website as your blog will be hyperlinked in their content.

9. Use of 100 rule

how to promote your blog

In this way, the bloggers should connect with 100 people every day. Now the number 100 might seem an impossible to you, in reality it is totally achievable. All you need do, is share your blog in maximum areas. Use the social media engagement and forum posting as your top priority and you will see how easily you connect with 100 people and promote your blog .

10. Open graph data

how to promote your blog

This is basically a process where you post looks extremely good when your post are shared in social media. The use of WordPress plugin gives you this advantage. Once you have WordPress plugin you will the ability to clear open graph data. Now if you want to clear your social media handles then the best way is to make use of NextGEN plugin offered by WordPress.


All the above tips that are mentioned above will help you promote your blog. The question how to promote your blog is answered when an individual makes use of the tips mentioned above.

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