I guess you are looking for hosting provider for your startup website, but the problem is huge prices of hosting. And to spend this much amount on web hosting is better to spend on your startup idea. Now don’t worry we will tell you how to get free unlimited web hosting.


free unlimited web hosting

As by the title of this post, Viewen is the best hosting provider for startups with free unlimited web hosting, unlimited space, bandwidth, cpanel and everything you want and all you have to pay is nothing. Yes, you read that right “nothing” if you still want to pay for high price hosting with limited sources you can but if you really want a supportive hosting provider for your website then lets to get into deep and know more about this amazing thing.

Who are viewen ?


Viewen is a leading provider of free cloud-based platform solutions designed to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online. The company serves members globally with a comprehensive and integrated suite of products and services.

What do they provide ?

free unlimited web hosting

In a simple way they provide everything needed for an ultimate website but still, you want some proof then here goes the list

  • Cloud Hosting With cPanel
  • Free SSL
  • Free Support
  • Free Softaculous
  • Unlimited Control Panels
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Active Social Media Team
  • Each Server Has a Mayor
  • No ID or Credit Card Required
  • No Ads
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Free Transfer From Paid Hosting
  • Nothing To Ever Purchase
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Websites

Why viewen ?

Why viewen, like seriously they are providing you best and free unlimited web hosting services. you can save large amount of money for other services. They have an active social team to help you and if it’s your first time for hosting a website then you don’t need to worry they will help you throughout your journey.

Is it really free ?

Yes! Don’t just take our word for it, but click here and check all the amazing feedback that has been left by our very active and loyal social media users about Free Unlimited Web Hosting.

free unlimited web hosting

They believe that the “Free Hosting Platform can be the foundations for your vision to flourish, grow, and have a massive impact on your local community and the world. Imagine if your only limitation was your own effort and creativity and not whether or not you had the funds to pay for it. We are removing this financial barrier and encouraging you to dream big and make something happen.”

Is It good ?

Honestly yes, the website on which currently you are is hosted by viewen. Now you were thinking “ok so it’s a promotional post”. No not at all, yes this website is hosted by viewen by they never said me to do promotion on my website even on my entire website only this post contain “viewen” word.


Then why I had written this post? , because they helped me and they believe in me. Mainly it took me a month to find out a hosting solution for my website. I was looking for a cheaper web hosting but all of them had very minimum services. While browsing web I came across viewen I tried to do some research on it but there was not much about it on internet ,so I signed up and came across about this amazing services. And I want to help others people who are looking for a web hosting can have information on it.

How to get viewen hosting ?

It’s not that hard,

  1. First go visit www.viewen.com

2. Then signup for free

3. Open a new ticket regarding new account

4. Tell them why you want hosting

5. Like and share their facebook page

6. Then they will ask you some question about your website

7.answer the question.

8. After verifying your answer they will decide whether to give you hosting or not.

For more information visit – HERE


At the end if you are up to do something and such heavy hosting price are demotivating you then must checkout viewen, maybe they can help you.



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